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I started trading a year ago and it wasn’t until February that I became decently consistent in my trading. I decided to try out a prop firm. I got too emotional while trading because I was hyped to make good money and I ended up not passing… Then I heard about Funding Talent and decided to switch them since they had no challenge or evaluation to pass and you get paid right off the bat!

I got my first payout in April and was super excited that I got something working for me since it takes a while for traders to start making good money. Getting paid out every two weeks is exciting and the big thing I look forward to is moving to Bali, Indonesia which I wouldn’t be able to do without Funding Talent! I’ve never had trouble getting paid and it always happens on time! Funding Talent is amazing!

– Sev, Funding Talent Member

I’ve applied with a couple other prop firms in the past before I encountered Funding Talent. Comparing all three, Funding Talent has the best support system that you can ever get in a prop firm. As a beginner trader, trading for about 10 months, I still had a lot of questions regarding the program. I always get an immediate and clear response from their support team. The owner Jessica is very approachable which is a bonus for me!

Even the education which is included is some of the best that you can get out there. I’ve been with them 3 months now and counting. I do not see myself leaving this program for a long time. Cheers to Jessica and her team for building such a wonderful company for us traders out there!

– Glenn, Funding Talent Member

Member Spotlight

Philip Wlison

Put yourself in this position for a short moment…

You hear about funded trading accounts and think AWESOME! This is going to be amazing I’m going to be rich! Until suddenly you can’t achieve a 10% target by the end of the month and you’ve paid a large fee just to try. Oh well, money gone, you’ll have to save up and try your luck again.

Now, who has been in that position? I know for sure I have, more than once.

My name is Philip Wilson, I’m from Northern Ireland, UK. Before all of these lockdowns began, I was an unhappy trader thinking I was never going to trade with a substantial size of capital. I finally found my answer while browsing through my favourite Instagram page – ForexTips101!

Funding Talent was here and it answered my call. A funded account that matched its competitors, for a cheaper price than its competitors, which paid me not once but twice per month! And where it really won over my heart – no targets to meet , no entrance test, full support from a community of like-minded traders and two weeks after starting, I would receive my first payment. Could anybody serious about trading really argue with this?

This story began for me at the beginning of this year when the world was normal and for the first time in my life, instead of watching my money disappear into accounts never to be seen again, I was actually getting PAID TO TRADE! There has been no better feeling than when I get asked “How would you like to receive your payment this month?”

From the start, I have traded the 100k option which is awesome and its changed my life when it comes to trading. I really see a future with the Funding Talent Programme. Like everyone does, I’ve had my ups and downs, however, the team is always there giving their full support and there is never such thing as a stupid question. They make me feel so welcome and to top that off, we have a full community who trade together, share ideas and sometimes give a bit of needed constructive criticism.

If you want a funded account and believe you have what it takes to get paid to trade, before you risk a large fee paying for a trail that needs you to make high targets. Give our family at Funding Talent a look, in two weeks from now you could also be getting those heart-warming payment emails.

A now very happy trader, I wish you luck

Philip Wilson

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